Dear Tim,

My partner Louis knows you via Mount Markham, and speaks highly of you, and gave the information to view your website, which I found most inspiring, especially your story. Your artwork is unique!

What a beautiful spirit you maintain as you wage a battle with Parkinson's. A positive attitude enables the journey of life in special ways. Your discovery of being able to paint without tremors is a blessing. As you share your life with others, it provides hope.

Taking the liberty of adding your name to the prayer list at the Columbus Community Church where I serve as pastor.

As you walk on in the journey of life our higher power reminds us that we're never alone.




I've always been fond of "innocent" art. I like your work. It's very textured, vibrant, you have a wonderful command of colors and shadows and I really like your natural subjects. Very nice all, though I must say that the one you originally posted is my favorite. Something about the salmon color next to the green, leading to the blue. I'm very sensitive to the way colors vibrate when they're next to one another. I find blue and green to be very soothing together (my house is painted periwinkle blue, and moss green) and the soft salmon just seems to accentuate that vibration. I also really like these clouds. They're so random and playful. I'm a sculptor, myself, and am just taking up painting. I've only ever been good at 3-D work so this is a challenge. I find your work inspiring.

– Ellen


I am so moved by your website. Your story touched my heart and your paintings with their beautiful bright colors gives me a look at your soul. I am doing a 5 k tomorrow for Parkinson's. I hate that disease and so wish we could eradicate it soon. My daughter in law was diagnosed at the age of 28. It was such a shock and has been such a struggle for her and those who love her. Mekea just had her second child when her tremors started. 2 years ago she had DBS surgery done. I am so proud of her and she has even run the New York marathon and raised quite a bit of money.

I am so happy that you are painting and drawing. Your paintings are beautiful and an inspiration. I am a self taught watercolorist and I retired from being a hospital nurse of 44 years two years ago. I love watercolor and I love painting wet in wet because when the paper is really wet you just drop some color onto it and watch it travel and develop by moving your board. I never have a plan when I start a painting but after I put my first wash down I just look at it and see where it takes me. So have fun and don't ever stop. I will do my 5 k tomorrow and will think of you.

– Irene


Your work is beautiful and inspiring to so many! It will and has made a difference in the lives of so many already! Your kind soul and caring ways, not expecting anything in return, have made a difference in the lives of so many students that you have worked with. You have an amazing way with students that face everyday challenges. Your kindness has touched the lives of so many ! I have enjoyed so much seeing your work as you have created your pieces. Your story and motivation to help others to heal and find their inner peace are inspiring to me. I wish you the best of luck on your journey of finding your own peace, publishing your beautiful book, and helping others find their own inspiration in the world. You deserve it !

– Jackie